Bret Dillingham Trial Consulting will assist the attorney in developing a purposeful voir dire and, in appropriate cases, help develop and then analyze a supplemental juror questionnaire.  In-court assistance includes tracking cause challenges, providing quotes from jurors to be used in making cause challenges and advising on the use of peremptory strikes.  Bret Dillingham has provided in-court jury selection assistance in many dozens of civil and criminal trials, with significant experience in capital litigation.  He is experienced with jury selections that last several hours to several months, and is able to organize, evaluate and make usable to the attorney information on jury panels that have ranged from a few dozen persons to hundreds of prospective jurors.  Please note that Bret Dillingham Trial Consulting does not conduct background investigations of any kind on prospective jurors but will integrate and evaluate any information collected by other team members into the jury selection process.